Fusion Mineral Paints

For busy-DIYers, Fusion Mineral Paint is the only choice for exceptional color, coverage and durability. Unlike their competitors, they create their paint from the pigments up, and formulate it for lasting results. Fusion customers return again and again because Fusion Mineral Paint is supported by a knowledgeable retail network, that when paired with Fusions product line makes it easy to paint it beautiful!

Why Fusion is the best and easiest paint on the market to use:

Zero VOC

Minimal prep work

Great flow with minimal brush strokes

Exceptional coverage

Gorgeous matte finish

No Top Coat required


Each batch goes through rigorous quality control ensuring that the paint will not separate or harden in the container for 7 years. You will not be able to find a duplicate on the market that compares!

Fusion colors are non-toxic, lead free, virtually odorless and have no volatile organic compounds (VOC), contain no ammonia or formaldehyde.

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